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The Wonderful and Frightening Worlds of Mark E. Smith and Steve Aylett

By Spencer Cawein Pate When Bill Ectric first emailed to ask me if I was interested in contributing an essay to a Steve Aylett nonfiction tribute anthology / festschrift he was editing, I knew immediately that I would a) enthusiastically accept … Continue reading

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An Interview with Devin DiSanto and Nick Hoffman

By Spencer Cawein Pate Devin DiSanto and Nick Hoffman’s Three Exercises–released by one of my very favorite record labels, Erstwhile–is one of the most beguiling albums I’ve listened to in 2015. An auditory trace or palimpsest of an artistic happening (involving … Continue reading

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An Interview With The Lowland Hundred

By Spencer Cawein Pate The Welsh band The Lowland Hundred make the kind of music I dream about, music I have longed for even before it came into existence. After reading Rob Young’s characteristically astute and enticing review of their most recent release in … Continue reading

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Between Thought and Expression: On Creative Improvisation in Classroom Teaching

By Spencer Cawein Pate [This is a paper I wrote for a graduate course in educational leadership.] “We work in the dark—we do what we can—we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. … Continue reading

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In Search of an Ecological Music

By Spencer Cawein Pate I recently visited a stunning exhibition titled “Light” by the British artist Bruce Munro at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. The conservatory was a perfect venue for Munro’s work, as it juxtaposed his glowing, ephemeral creations of light, color, … Continue reading

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Lou Reed, 1942-2013

By Spencer Cawein Pate I was deeply saddened to hear yesterday of Lou Reed’s death at the age of 71. For me, The Velvet Underground, Can, and The Fall comprise something of a holy trinity of bands that best embody the … Continue reading

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On Scott Walker

By Spencer Cawein Pate Here in Hamilton, Ohio, Scott Walker is a prophet without honor. While our fair city can boast at least one other great artist–the classic children’s book author and illustrator Robert McCloskey–among its most famous sons and … Continue reading

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